AUTOPAC & NADA-PAC Contributions

AUTOPAC is Your Best Investment in the Auto Industry

Legislative success starts with AUTOPAC!

• AUTOPAC protects your businesses.
• AUTOPAC educates and elects policy-makers (regardless of political party) who support franchised automobile dealer issues.
• AUTOPAC helps you keep more of the money you earn by strengthening our franchise laws.
• AUTOPAC gives our industry the opportunity to elect the right policy-makers who determine the economic vitality of our state and the health of our industry.
• AUTOPAC is one of the most successful PACs in Idaho.
• Only because of past AUTOPAC investments have the auto dealers been able to successfully fight off attacks on your livelihood.

AUTOPAC needs you now:

The 2023 legislature will address updated and improved franchise laws that IADA is sponsoring.   There are many important pieces of legislation they'll consider this year and we'll ask them to seek IADA's opinion on many items.  And we'll weigh in on items that matter to dealers most.  It is important that automobile dealers are heard and we are because of our past and present contributions to the legislative process, here at the statehouse in Idaho, and back at the capitol in Washington D.C.  

We can only fight with your help, and we need your AUTOPAC investment now to ensure our continued success. Join Idaho’s auto industry leaders by taking action to protect our business today!

• Leaders in the automobile industry recognize how much they have benefited by AUTOPAC, and recognize how much we have at stake.

• Top dealers, general managers and businesses recognize that AUTOPAC is a major part of the success of their business - they are stepping up with the elite in our industry by making a major AUTOPAC investment.

• We need you to join the leaders in our industry by investing in AUTOPAC today!

We can't be successful without your support. Can we count on you to join the leaders in the automobile industry?

The IADA AUTOPAC, the political action committee of the Idaho Automobile Dealers Association, was formed to be the collective voice of Idaho's vehicle dealers. AUTOPAC contributes to Idaho legislative and statewide candidates who support a pro-business, pro-dealer philosophy. Individual dealer member personal contributions are the backbone of the AUTOPAC and one of IADA’s programs is the AutoPAC All-Star program. Dealers who contribute $1,000 or more per year become members of the AUTOPAC All-Star team and receive special recognition for their support of the industry. The All-Stars recognize the importance of being involved in the political process and they fully understand the importance of supporting candidates who will decide issues from a pro-business perspective.

IADA dealer members & related businesses employ more than 11,000 people and franchised dealer sales account for over 15% of all retail sales in Idaho, even though we represent only 2.3% of all retail establishments in the state. It is well known that AUTOPAC represents a large group of dealers who share a common interest in promoting strong franchise laws and a pro-business philosophy.

The goal of AUTOPAC is to have 100% dealer participation. Please join us today by making a personal contribution to AUTOPAC. 

Please contact Jim Addis at 208 659-4404, or jaddis@idahoada.org, to make your personal contribution or get more information.

NADA - Political Action Committee

NADA-PAC stands for National Automobile Dealers Association - Political Action Committee or NADA-PAC.  This is the PAC of the National Automobile Dealers Association. AUTOPAC is the Idaho Automotive Association's political action committee which participates in state legislative races only. In other words...

NADA-PAC = Congress ................ AUTOPAC = Idaho Legislature


Q:  What exactly is a PAC?
A:  A PAC is an organization which solicits and collects personal contributions from its members and then distributes the funds to the election campaigns of candidates running for office.

Q:  Why can't IADA give directly to candidates?
A:  It is illegal in Idaho to use corporate funds to elect state candidates. The money raised by AUTOPAC from IADA members is distributed to pro-industry candidates for the Idaho Senate and House of Representatives.

Q:  What does my contribution do?
A:  Your contribution helps give the automotive industry in general, and car and truck dealers in particular, a voice in politics. No PAC buys votes... AUTOPAC and DEAC foster a positive environment in which to tell our side of the story.

Q:  How do NADA-PAC and AUTOPAC decide which candidates to support?
A:  NADA-PAC and AUTOPAC do not favor either Republicans or Democrats. Instead, recommendations are based upon whether or not a candidate is willing to listen to the concerns of our industry.

Q:  What if NADA-PAC or AUTOPAC gives money to a candidate I don't like?
A:  Every decision to contribute to a candidate starts with a recommendation from a dealer. At the heart of our decision is the sincere and firm belief that the PAC's participation in the race is in the best interests of our members. Sometimes NADA-PAC and AUTOPAC support candidates holding key positions on committees of importance. Sometimes they support challengers running against office holders who have consistently voted against the NADA or IADA position. Whatever the case, you can be sure NADA-PAC and AUTOPAC have your best political interests in mind.

Q:  Why should I support both NADA-PAC and AUTOPAC?
A:  State PACs can only support state candidates, not candidates for federal office. Dealer business interests extend far beyond state boundaries. Just as dealers need a voice to protect them at the state level, they need a strong voice on a national level too. It is not a matter of giving to one or the other. To be effective, dealers need to support both NADA-PAC and AUTOPAC.

Q:  What has AUTOPAC done for me lately?
A:  Legislative accomplishments include. . .

• Resolved audit issues.
• Business Tax rate increases applied prospectively.
• Preserves motor vehicles’ "cap” under Streamlined Sales Tax Initiative.
• Statutory Fee Disclosure.
• Sheltered dealership finance income from the Idaho Business Tax.
• Truth-in-Lending issues statutorily clarified.

The bottom-line . . . AUTOPAC is your business insurance!

Q:  How do I participate?
A:  Your personal check or personal credit card authorization for NADA-PAC should be sent along with the appropriate donor form to IADA.  For IADA's AUTOPAC, you may make a voluntary contribution annually.  We include this amount in your annual membership renewal and dues statement.

NADA is requesting that each dealer or authorized representative of each NADA member sign a NADA-PAC Permission Form and fax it at the number listed on the form as soon as possible in order to comply with federal election law which requires signed permission prior to a solicitation being sent by a trade association PAC with corporate members. Signing the form does not obligate you or anyone else at your dealership to make a future donation but simply enables NADA-PAC to add your dealership to their mailing list.

If you have any questions regarding the permission form, please call NADA-PAC toll-free at (877) 501-3322. Otherwise, please help enable NADA-PAC to communicate with you on important ongoing efforts aimed at electing a pro-business Congress by signing and returning the form.

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