2016 President's Letter

As our industry begins the journey into 2016, we recognize that you face the most challenging times experienced by a generation of Idaho dealers and there’s never been a more important time for involvement in your association. And in times like these, the impact IADA has on the process in effectively representing dealers can make the difference whether or not a dealership is viable. It is important to acknowledge that IADA is looking out for your dealer operations, day-in and day-out.   Today at IADA, we are:

• Lobbying for franchise law improvements
• Representing dealer viewpoints before state agencies
• Fighting to reduce advertising abuses
• Reducing liability through contract enhancements
• Developing cost effective education classes
• Negotiating changes in compliance guidelines
• Identifying effective service providers
• Providing F&I products for greater profitability
• Improving dealer communications
• Lowering the cost of stock & promotional items

IADA is also very excited about our the current legislative session at the Idaho statehouse. 2016 is another critical year for us as we promote improvements to our franchise laws and monitor other proposals that may have an impact on our dealers in Idaho, some positive and some negative.  IADA is currently working through our proposals and we hope that you will find that the staff and the board of directors will continue to work hard for all dealers in Idaho.  In January 2015, the IADA was fortunate to hire a former dealer, Kevin Hanigan, as its new Executive Vice President.  Kevin comes to the association with over 25 years of management and marketing experience and we feel that his connections in Idaho will be vital to us as we continue to improve the automobile dealership industry here.  Please welcome him to our team and contact him if you have questions or concerns.   

IADA has over 80 years of experience in helping dealers and continues to ensure its representation and services are timely, relevant, and forward-thinking. 

Thank you!
Rob Studebaker

IADA President 2015-2016

Team Mazda Subaru

Caldwell, Idaho

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