Associate Member Partnership Program

The IADA has various programs that contribute to non-dues revenue, and in 2012 we implemented the Associate Member Partnership Program (AMPP).  In 2015, IADA Partnerships, Sponsors, and Associate Member Dues became our 3rd largest source of revenue after Dealership Supply Sales and Dealership Member Dues.  And there is still so much more room for growth.

It has been our goal to offer “Partners” something more than just a sponsorship opportunity. We have found that our Partners view these strategic relationships as more mutually beneficial than a traditional sponsorship.

In order to continue to grow our AMPP participation, the IADA feels that flexibility and customization is the key to meeting Partners’ needs and providing a more valuable program. In addition to the published benefits of our AMP Program, we invite you to contact us to develop a Partnership that will work for you.

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