Dealer Bonds

Need a motor vehicle bond? You may purchase your required dealer bond through the Idaho Automobile Dealers Association easily at an affordable rate. Dealer bonds are arranged through CNA and require minimal application information to be issued. For example, there are three main tiers of charges and requirements for a required motor vehicle bond.

Ultra-Preferred Rate—$200/year
Preferred Rate—$250/year
Standard Rate—$300/year

Although IADA has been working with CNA for years and now offers CNA bONdLINE. bONdLINE is a password protected online program which allows IADA to issue a bond within minutes of your request.

Idaho Motor Vehicle Dealer bond - Required for the first 3 years, in order to obtain a motor vehicle dealer license in the State of Idaho.

Idaho Lost Title bond - This bond is needed when the owner of a vehicle has lost the title to their vehicle, and the bond is required by the State of Idaho DMV before they will issue a new title

Idaho Notary bond - Before becoming an official notary for the State of Idaho, a notary must provide a bond.

Notary Errors and Omissions Insurance - This is an insurance policy that will cover lawsuits, bond claims, attorney’s fees, and court cost related to notary acts, subject to policy limits.

ERISA Bonds for Pension plans or 401K programs - Federal law requires that the Fiduciaries of Pension plans or 401Ks be bonded in the amount of 10% of the plan assets.

Dishonesty bond - Protects a business and the customers of that business from loss incurred by dishonest acts of employees.

Idaho Motorcycle, ATV and Snowmobile Dealer bond - Required in order to obtain a license to sell these types of vehicles in the State of Idaho.

Defective Title bonds - Under DMV rules, if the title has been lost or has been unlawfully detained, you need an indemnity bond to obtain the title. All that is needed to issue the bond is the VIN from the vehicle.

Tow Truck Operator - Required in order to operate a tow truck.

Bonding through IADA/CNA Surety is a win-win deal for the Association and the dealer. IADA’s mission is to improve, enhance, and grow the automobile industry in Idaho. Help support your state association by letting IADA carry your Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond.

 Contact IADA today for more information (208) 853-4668.

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